Mixed Media






2019 Guggenheim Fellow Christiane Cegavske burst upon the world stage with her first feature film, Blood Tea and Red String, an award-winning, critically acclaimed cult film with a passionate international fan base. "A David Lynchean fever dream on Beatrix Potter terrain...close in macabre spirit to the original versions of many classic fables" (Variety). “As much a work of sculpture as of cinema" (The New York Times). "An animal fable both dark and explicitly feminist in its original and made with such clear passion that it almost takes you a moment to catch your breath" (Fangoria). You are invited to enter Cegavske’s dreamlike world of imagery evoking feminine archetypes, fantastical creatures, dolls and fairy tales, birth and death. Rendered in a dazzling variety of mediums, the work allows the viewer to experience the impact of the symbolic language on multiple levels as they are immersed in this unique universe.

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