Demo Reel Breakdown

Seed in the Sand (in production)
Clips of animation from my feature length stop motion film in progress. I'm using a Canon 7D camera with DragonFrame animation software. Puppets, set, animation and story by me. The first clip is composited in Adobe After Effects.

X-Chromosome: Behind the Kiss (2002)
In this hour-long program directed by Corky Quakenbush for the Oxygen Network, I worked as animator and simultaneously held the position of lead sculptor, directing the sculpture department in their production of puppets.

Player’s Paradise: Undress Yourself (2001)
This spoof of Madonna’s Human Nature music video is an excerpt from Players Paradise produced by Space Bass Films, directed by Corky Quakenbush for VH1. I animated this sequence and sculpted the original models for the bodies.

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (2003)
In this feature film directed by Asia Argento I animated the dream sequences and made the puppets and props. It was shot in super 16mm film using MotionShot for video reference.

Blood Tea and Red String (animated between 1996-2002, completed in 2005)
In this self-produced feature film I wrote, directed, animated and made the puppets, costumes, props and sets. The first clip of the creation of the doll was animated in 2002 in 16 mm film using the computer program MotionShot for video reference. The second clip of the fighting white mice was animated in 1998 in 16 mm film with no form of video reference.

Coyote (2010)
In this music video for Mark Growden’s song Coyote I directed, animated and made the puppets, costumes and sets.

The visuals are accompanied by "Pretty Baby" sung by Janet Klein, Used with permission.

The sound effect is by Mike Koenig from