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My creative practice spans multiple domains, including animation, live-action filmmaking, immersive installation, interdisciplinary collaboration, fiber arts, painting, sculpture, and creative writing. The focus of my work lies somewhere between fable and fever dream where anthropomorphic creatures follow their own illogically logical pursuits and mysterious actions have dire consequences. 

I am absorbed by a desire to explore the world—both inner realms of the mind and dream space and the outer world of nature and human activities—and am driven to create a material response to those influences to process the experience and to share my own visions and observations. All of my artwork contains some level of autobiographical content masked by the invented reality. By transcending the boundaries between animation and fine art, the work erodes cultural hierarchies long held sacred in critical art theory. 

The characters who inhabit my animated world step into my gallery art, which in turn combines painting and sculpture with traditionally feminine crafts of sewing and quilting. With an emphasis on storytelling I am building a personal intuitive mythology by mixing symbols from dreams and magic with historical research, current events, and synchronistic discoveries. The symbolism found in my work is both deeply personal and anchored in our cultural collective imagination. Themes revolve around the cycle of death and rebirth, women’s mysteries, the juxtaposition of the maternal with the monstrous feminine, love versus greed, and how that greed is tied to ecological disaster. 

These elements are influenced by my research into the mythology of cultures worldwide, the archetypes of Jungian psychology, and the pre-Grimm versions of our familiar fairy tales. The themes are ever growing and interconnected. Each creation contributes to and inspires the next.


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