BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING is a handmade stop-motion fairy tale for adults.

Thirteen years in the making, Christiane Cegavske’s dialogue free film tells the tale of the struggle between the aristocratic White Mice and the rustic Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak over the doll of their heart’s desire.

The Mice commission the Oak Dwellers to create a beautiful doll for them. When she is complete, the Creatures fall in love with her and refuse to give her up. Resorting to thievery the Mice abscond with her in the middle of the night.

Meet fantastical creatures and view dazzling scenery as the Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak journey through this mystical land to reclaim their love. See the mice descend into debauchery as they become drunk on blood tea! See what happens when the Oak Dwellers eat the yellow fruit!

A heart rending musical score that was composed and performed by Mark Growden accompanies this disturbing and wondrous adventure.

“at once wondrously obsolete and perfectly au courant” - Nathan Lee, NEW YORK TIMES

“a David Lynchean fever dream on Beatrix Potter terrain…as lovingly crafted as it is unsettlingly sour-sweet” - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

“its haunting images speak directly to some dark, preverbal corner of the heart” - Maitland McDonagh, TV GUIDE'S MOVIE GUIDE

“an original head trip” - V.A. Musetto, NEW YORK POST

“a triumph of creative passion ...” - Mitch Davis, FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL

“A stunning example of animated art” - Rain, SFIST.COM


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San Francisco Independent Film Festival - USA 2006
Budapest Titanic Film Festival - Hungary 2006
Spudfest - USA 2006
Fantasia - Canada 2006
Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia - Spain 2006
Austin Fringe Fest - USA 2006
Athens International Film Festival - Greece 2006
Idaho International Film Festival - USA 2006
Boston Fantastic Film Festival - USA 2006
Buenos Aires Red Blood Film Festival - Argentina 2006
Leeds International Film Festival -UK 2006
S.N.O.B. Film Festival - USA 2006
Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema - Canada 2006
Flatpack - UK 2007
Belfast Film Festival - Ireland 2007
Germany Weekend of Fear - Germany 2007
Tehran International Animation Festival - Iran 2007
Mauvais Genre - France 2007
Bilbao Fant Spain 2007- USA 2007
Dark Carnival Film Festival - USA 2007
Taiwan International Animation Festival - Taiwan 2007
AnimEST – International Animated Film Festival - Romania 2007
Clair-Obscur Film Festival - Switzerland 2007
Singapore Animation Nation - Singapore 2007
Istanbul International Animation Festival - Turkey 2007
Fantaspoa - Argentina 2008
Fest Anca - Slovak Republic 2008
Green Man Festival - UK 2008
Out the Box - South Africa 2008
Edinburgh International Film Festival - Scotland 2010


all images 2005 Christiane Cegavske